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Economic Issues
While laws that raise the minimum wage sound good in theory, they always result in lost jobs and reduced hours because many businesses cannot afford to pay higher wages. High school and college students in particular encounter great difficulty in finding entry-level jobs. In addition, few people realize that minimum wage laws have racist roots. The original minimum wage laws were put into place because certain people were unhappy that "colored labor" was cheaper than "white labor" (quoted from Congressman Miles Allgood).
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Proposals that raise taxes on the rich also sound good to many people, but cause a lot of unintended consequences. Such taxes tend to harm small businesses that are unable to afford those higher taxes. Similarly, excess government regulation also leads to significant extra expenses. Furthermore, when tax rates are high, wealthy people find loopholes, so that the total amount of money that the government collects actually stays about the same. In the U.S., wealthy people already pay more than their fair share in taxes, because their tax rate is higher.
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Social Issues
Abortion is the premeditated murder of an unborn baby, it is medically harmful to women (though you may have been told otherwise), and abortion has a very racist history. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, advocated for eugenics and abortion as a way to (in her own words) "exterminate the Negro population." Still today, Planned Parenthood targets black communities, and far more black babies than white babies are murdered in the womb through abortion.
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Guns save lives, help stop crime, and allow law-abiding citizens to defend themselves. Most mass shootings take place in gun-free zones, because the shooters know they will encounter less resistance. Even with strict gun laws, criminals will find a way to get guns if they are determined to do so. A well-armed populace is the best deterrant against gun crime. It is also a deterrant against a tyrannical government, which was the original intent of the second amendment.
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People You Should Know
Here are a few people that you may have never heard of, but each one is definitely worth getting to know!

Candace Owens:
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Pastor Voddie Baucham
Star Parker
Dr. Alveda King
Abby Johnson
Finally, here are a few articles concerning President Donald Trump from a reasonable Christian perspective. Though he is a flawed man with many faults and a massive ego, he has nevertheless done a lot of great things for the people of the United States. These articles detail some of those accomplishments, many of which you probably haven't heard about from the extremely biased mainstream media.

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